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Meet Kieran

My happy place :)

Dual citizen.  Made and developed in Teesside, programmed in Dundee and North London.  Shared and developed new knowledge in Durham, then applied it in New Zealand, before helping people better than I ever was to do the same.

Personality type:  Hermann Brain - Yellow dominant HBDITM 1221 profile

Individuals with this profile would exhibit strong preferences for logical, analytical and quantitative modes of thinking; in contrast they would also have a preference for the integrative, synthesizing, creative and holistic aspects.


This profile indicates a clear secondary preference for the emotional, interpersonal processing.


Occupations typical of this profile include design engineers, financial consultants or advisers (those involved with forecasting financial trends), and research and development scientists particularly physicists.


It is also typical of senior executives in operating and strategic positions in technical organizations.

Work that is considered most satisfying would include:

  • working solo

  • making things work

  • being challenged

  • inventing solutions

  • bringing about change

  • integrating ideas

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Mountains in Clouds

My Pepeha (Māori introduction)

Who I am

Tena kotou katoa
Nō Te Raki-Rāwhiti o Ingarangi;
He kiwi ahau, ināianei
Ko Mount William e tata ana ki Bombay te maunga
Ko Tees nui te awa
Ko Viking te iwi
Kei Auckland toku kāinga noho
Ko Kieran toku ingoa
Nga mihi nui kia kotou

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Auckland, New Zealand

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